Assistive Technologies and Medical Devices

We are developing a range of user-friendly products aimed at the elderly as well as those with disabilities to improve their quality of life as well as restore a sense of independence in their lives.

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Analytics and Mathematical Modelling

We want to enrich research happening in universities by assisting in analysis and development of the right metrics. We have a team with extensive experience in research design, data analytics/statistics  and in developing mathematical models for various domains like life sciences, ecological systems, environment, water resources,agriculture, public health.

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Agriculture is a key focus area for us. Recently, we have collaborated with SRISTI in India and Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology in Kenya to make available low cost tractors to Kenyan farmers.

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Development Research

We offer Monitoring and Evaluation, collection, analytics and reporting of developmental data and other services for developmental agencies, NGOs and CSR projects. We are especially  keen to work with smaller NGOs and guide them on project strategies in order to effectively meet development goals.

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A Word from the Founders

We started Alabaster Research and Technologies to help create tailored solutions to global development challenges.

In our time in the sector, we have both independently observed challenges in the society from close quarters.

In the development sector, gaps exist at three critical levels:

  • Precise intelligence to identify root causes of  societal challenges
  • Well research and affordable  Technologies for solving these societal challenges
  • Accurate and comprehensive measurement of impacts of interventions to solve social challenges

We realized some of these challenges can be solved through innovative technologies and some through actionable intelligence for informed decision-making. We believe that this can be achieved most effectively by means of targeted private sector initiatives that ensure efficiency, affordability, and sustainability.




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