Introducing GoSolo


GoSolo is an elegant personal mobility product that offers seamless and hassle-free movement for indoors and controlled outdoor environments. GoSolo stands out with its functional versatility, smart controls and warm aesthetics. GoSolo is designed with users' comfort and utility in mind. Its unique mechanism helps the user easily get onto GoSolo from a seating or standing position. GoSolo  helps users in getting up from a sofa or a chair, but also enables them to move around in a sitting or a semi-standing position.

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Technologies for health and independence

Alabaster is currently developing assistive technologies and medical devices serving critical social needs like inclusion and good health. We have two products under development- GoSolo Indoor Mobilizers and SpastoPro, a post-stroke rehab device.

GoSolo - Universal Mobility Solutions

GoSolo Mobilizers provide independent, smooth and unflustered mobility for indoors. Whether you have limited mobility or are just plain tired, GoSolo helps you conserve your energy and accomplish more in your daily life.

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SpastoPro - Portable Robot-assisted Therapy for Upper Limb Fine-motor rehab

SpastoPro enables the automated extension of wrists and fingers with customized rehab programs for patients. SpastoPro reduces the drudgery of PTs/OTs and leads to greater adherence to therapy.  It is a precise yet portable Robot-assisted Therapy device that can also be used for at-home therapy.

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A Word from the Founders

We started Alabaster Research and Technologies to help create tailored solutions to global challenges in markets and societies.

We have both independently observed challenges in society from close quarters. We have come to understand that gaps exist at three critical levels:

  • Precise intelligence to identify root-causes of the gaps
  • Well-researched technologies for bridging these gaps
  • Accurate and comprehensive measurement of impacts of purported solutions

We realized some of these challenges can be solved through innovative technologies and some through actionable intelligence for informed decision-making. We believe that this can be achieved most effectively by means of targeted private sector initiatives that ensure efficiency, affordability, and sustainability.

This is a long walk but in the here and now, we want to work towards the following UN SDGs:


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