Smart Universal Mobility

GoSolo is an elegant personal mobility solution that offers seamless and hassle-free movement for indoors and controlled outdoor environments.

GoSolo stands out with its functional versatility, smart controls and warm aesthetics. GoSolo is designed with users' comfort and utility in mind.

Its unique mechanism helps the users to easily get onto the device from a seating or standing position. It not only helps them in getting up from a sofa or a chair but also enables them to move around in a sitting or a semi-standing position.

GoSolo aims to be the leading provider of universal solutions that make everyday life more comfortable and equitable.



gosolo key features

Ease of Access

  • Maximizes retail access to a wider range of travellers
  • GoSolo makes airports more engaging, inclusive and accessible while increasing retail footfalls
  • Easy navigation and height elevation provide a greater retail engagement
  • Hassle-free movement through tight corners and crowded spaces

Smooth and Relaxed Ride Quality

  • Intuitive controls
  • Stress-free personal mobility
  • Designed for maximum user delight

Comfortable, Safe and Reliable Performance

  • Meticulously designed around user safety and ergonomics
  •  Can climb or descend up to 12 Degree Slopes
  • Topple safe even at the highest position
  • Flexible and Tailored Extended Warranty and Service options as per the client’s needs


Max load: 120 kgs

Max Speed: 12km/h

Motor: 24V 250W BLDC HubMotor

Battery Range: 20km on single charge

Outermost Dimensions: 94cm X 58X 54 cm (lxb)

Max Height: 67 cm

Min Height: 37.5cm

Max Slope angle: 12 degrees

gosolo features

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