Assistive Technologies

We are developing technologies to aid the elderly and those with disabilities to live more independent lives.

We are soon introducing SpastoPro, an automated neurorehab device for stroke patients with upper limb spasticity.

An indoor mobility device, GoSolo, that aids the elderly to seamlessly transfer, move and stand-up.

Patents for these two devices have been filed.




Agricultural Technologies

Agriculture is a key focus area for us. We look forward to develop technologies and provide consulting services to address challenges in Food Security, Livelihood Generation, and Sustainability.

Recently, we have collaborated with SRISTI in India and Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology in Kenya to make available low cost tractors to Kenyan farmers. The Shujaa has been tailored for Kenyan conditions. We are in the look out for like-minded partners in other African countries to commercialize Shujaa or develop other appropriate technologies for local challenges.

Shujaa is a 12 hp tractor developed in collaboration with SRISTI  and Microenterprises in Amreli and Una with inputs from Kenyan agricultural experts.

It is suitable to needs to the needs of smallholder farmers in Kenya and other countries with similar soils.

Data Analytics and Mathematical Modelling

We provide the following services:

  • Advice on and review of tests and statistical analysis
  • Research designs and required sample sizes before data collection or experimentation begins
  • Survey Design
  • Summary statistics, Hypothesis testing and exploratory analysis of data
  • Development of Mathematical models of data
  • Training of researchers in statistics as well as in the use of statistical applications in R.

Development Research

We offer the following services to development agencies, academia, CSRs and NGOs:

  • Project Proposals and Feasibility studies
  • Indicator Development
  • Gap analysis
  • Monitoring and Evaluation
  • Data Collection, Impact Analysis and Reporting
  • Mixed Methods Research

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