About Alabaster

Alabaster Research and Technologies Private Limited (founded in 2018 in Ahmedabad, India) works under the broader goal of developing technologies to enhance the quality of life for people. However, currently, we are focusing on problems faced mainly by the elderly population.


Alabaster aims to be the leading source of ideas and products to improve the quality of human life, foster independence and bring dignity to the lives of people.


Enabling high-impact solutions for a healthy, equal and sustainable human existence.

A Word from the Founders

We started Alabaster Research and Technologies to help create tailored solutions to global challenges in markets and societies.

We have both independently observed challenges in society from close quarters. We have come to understand that gaps exist at three critical levels:

  • Precise intelligence to identify root-causes of the gaps
  • Well-researched technologies for bridging these gaps
  • Accurate and comprehensive measurement of impacts of purported solutions

We realized some of these challenges can be solved through innovative technologies and some through actionable intelligence for informed decision-making. We believe that this can be achieved most effectively by means of targeted private sector initiatives that ensure efficiency, affordability, and sustainability.

This is a long walk but in the here and now, we want to work towards the following UN SDGs:


Founder, Chintan Shinde
Co-Founder, Aeshna Amin