Our Brands

GoSolo Mobility : A Personal Indoor Mobility

GoSolo is an elegant personal mobility solution that offers seamless and hassle-free movement for indoors and controlled outdoor environments.

GoSolo stands out with its functional versatility, smart controls and warm aesthetics. GoSolo is designed with users’ comfort and utility in mind.

Its unique mechanism helps the users to easily get onto the device from a seating or standing position. It not only helps them in getting up from a sofa or a chair but also enables them to move around in a sitting or a semi-standing position.

GoSolo aims to be the leading provider of universal solutions that make everyday life more comfortable and equitable.

Spasto Pro : A Neuro-Rehab Device

SpastoPro is a portable and powered neurorehab device to be used on hemiplegic patients for improvement in fine-motor control of their fingers and wrists. 

SpastoPro helps physiotherapists and occupational therapists to ensure that patients have a greater adherence to functional therapy.

It greatly reduces the drudgery experienced by physiotherapists in flexion and extension exercises of fingers and wrists. By means of a visual interface we want to gamify the exercise to improve results.